Volvo acquired Luxe, which offers a service maintenance car

The automobile segment is inherently «conservative.» Not due to the fact that the manufacturers do not welcome new development, but due to the fact that these same developments are often introduced into production cars much later than they appear on the market. This is due to the elevated security requirements.

Meanwhile, in recent years this gap is narrowing. In addition, the giants gradually adopting experience of companies of the IT market, expanding its field of activity. Volvo, which is currently owned by Chinese giant Geely Automobile, has announced the acquisition of Luxe.

Luxe is an American company, is the developer of the service on service of cars. With Luxe for mobile devices drivers can request that their car was parked, washed, dressed and so on.

That is, Volvo can offer its customers a broader portfolio of services, which is especially important given the fact that the cars of the Swedish brand play in the premium segment. And if you look in the relatively near future, when cars will truly be unmanned, this service will allow you to leave the application, for example, to refuel the car, ask the car route, and then the car itself will get to the place where he will refuel and it goes back to the owner.

As stated in the press release, the acquisition will allow Volvo to accelerate the ability to offer various digital services. For example, you may recall that at the end of 2015 Volvo presented the service delivery In-car Delivery.



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