Volta GPUs will help Nvidia and IBM to create a supercomputer capacity of more than 200 PFLOPS

Despite the fact that graphics processors Volta is still relatively soon to appear on the consumer market, plans use Nvidia bears for several years.

Back in 2014 we wrote about supercomputers, Summit and Sierra, which will contain including graphical solutions based on GPU, Volta. Now in the Network appeared some details about the data supercomputers.

Summit is created for the National laboratory of oak ridge relating to the US Department of energy, and Sierra will benefit the Lawrence Livermore national laboratory. Apparently, it will be two of the same system.

The performance of the new supercomputers will surpass the capabilities of Titan by 5-10 times. Each of them will consist of approximately 4,600 units with the capacity of more than 40 TFLOPS each. Each node will consist of two IBM Power9 processors with 24 cores and six accelerators based on GPU, Volta. Also the site will contain 512 GB of DDR4 and HBM, 48 PCI-Express 4.0, and the same lines Bluelink with a bandwidth of 25 GB/s. storage System data of the node will be able to accommodate 250 PB of data at a throughput of 2.5 TB/s.

The peak performance of a supercomputer will exceed 200 PFLOPS. At the time of launch in late 2017 this will probably be the fastest supercomputer in the world. The power consumption of the whole installation will be about 13 MW.

It is worth noting that at the initial stage of the project the estimated performance of the supercomputer was about a quarter below.



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