Voice assistant Voice Bixby began to work in the United States

The Network talked about the fact that the voice assistant Bixby experiencing difficulties with learning other languages, so the launch of the English version was delayed. But yesterday, Samsung Electronics announced the launch of Bixby Voice in the United States.

According to the original plan, the English version of Bixby was supposed to be available to buyers of Samsung Galaxy smartphones S8 in may of this year, but plans had to be adjusted.

We will remind, Bixby consists of three main parts: Voice Bixby, Bixby and Bixby Vision Home. Bixby Voice is responsible for the voice control assistant. Bixby Vision allows you to determine what is shown on the photo. Bixby Home — this home screen, which contains shortcuts that open access to main features of the assistant.

Bixby Voice allows you to perform complex instructions, for example, you can ask to be reminded to buy something when you’re at the store, or find a photo taken on vacation, and put it in a new folder with the appropriate name.

The Americans have already begun to use Bixby, updating. Samsung promises that in the near future, the assistant will be launched in other regions of the world.

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