Voice assistant Google Assistant can already be installed on iOS

A couple of days ago it became known that the voice assistant Google Assistant will appear on iOS. Yesterday, during the event Google I/O, the search giant really introduced a version of its AI for the Apple operating system.

At the moment it is already possible to download in the App Store for free, but so far only in the United States. The possibilities for iOS are almost the same as in the case of use on smartphones with Android.

However, you need to understand that Google does not have the ability to deeply integrate Assistant into someone else’s operating system, but still such a closed as iOS. Therefore some functions in this case will not. But all the possibilities to search information in the Network, queries about the news and the weather, writing notes and sending messages are supported.

To work Assistant requires iOS 9.1 or newer version. Recall that in last month’s voice assistant has become available to third party developers so that over time the number of skills will only grow.



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