Voice assistant Google admitted more intelligent than Siri, Baidu and Bing

A group of Chinese scientists conducted a study whose aim, in particular, was to establish the level of intellectual development of modern personal assistants.

The smartest was recognized by the artificial intelligence system, which is used in the voice assistant Google Assistant. Intelligence quotient (IQ) in AI systems Google made 47,28. Voice assistant Duer, which was released two years ago by company Baidu, comes next with a score of 37.2. Artificial intelligence Baidu received IQ 32,92, next is the AI engine Sogou with an IQ 32,25.

Search engine Binq received 31,98 coefficient, and the coefficient of the famous Siri, which helps iPhone owners in 2011, was only 23,94.

I should add that the IQ of a child of six, according to the results of studies 2014 was 55.5.

Also interesting seems to be following a prearranged schedule made by scientists. He points out that AI systems only the first time can be taught as effectively as people. Over time, the learning efficiency of artificial intelligence is significantly reduced.



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