Voice assistant Bixby will allow you to control all appliances Samsung

This week, Samsung Electronics introduced the personal assistant Bixby, which will debut in the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Vice-President of Samsung Injong Ri (InJong Rhee) later stated that Bixby will appear in all of technology the South Korean manufacturer, equipped with the necessary hardware. In addition, Samsung plans to provide third-party developers tools to create new applications and services with the support of Bixby.

«Bixby appears first in our smartphones, but in the end the system will be represented in all our products, he said. — In the future with Bixby you will be able to control the air conditioning or TV.»

With regard to the aforementioned hardware required to operate Bixby, we are talking only about a simple chip, which will allow you to accept voice commands, and connect to the Internet. The fact that the technology of Bixby will work from the cloud.

With the help of the Bixby company Samsung intends to strengthen its position in the market of software solutions.



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