Voice assistant Bixby for Samsung Galaxy S8 will initially understand only English and Korean languages

Yesterday, along with the Samsung Galaxy S8 was presented to the voice assistant Bixby, however, the developers immediately said that at the time of the appearance on the market its functionality will be limited.

Now we know that originally Bixby will only understand English and Korean. The time frame for adding new supported languages and a list of them remain unknown.

In addition, at the initial stage of Bixby will only be supported in several native applications. The assistant can be used to make a call, send messages, control the camera, gallery and settings. Again, the list of supported applications will eventually be expanded, the only question is when it will happen and how much more universal will be the Bixby.

The functionality of Bixby Vision, which will allow you to recognize products via the camera lens and make purchases in online stores, will initially be available in 11 countries, including the US, UK and Korea.



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