Vladimir Putin said that «quasistable dressed in rags» in the Russian Internet will be no more

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the Internet cannot be a place of «dressed in rags of quasistable», where uncontrolled spreading any information, in particular, propaganda of suicide and terrorism, child pornography, drug trafficking, etc. the Dissemination of such information is necessary to limit, but to do it «gently, civilized and technologically advanced».

Speaking at the media forum of the Russian popular front (onf), Putin said: «the General approach, in my opinion, should be: not all that is forbidden in the law. And everything that is not forbidden, everything is possible». He added that Russia cannot stand aside when the US, Europe and China have already introduced such regulation.

The President noted that many have long demanded tougher measures to control the dissemination of information in the Network, however, the government must act in consultation with the community and not based on what it «knows better».

«Such sensitive things we need to develop together with you, — concluded Vladimir Putin. Gradually the company grows, the people comes the understanding of what is good, what is bad, we can go today, and what is redundant».


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