Vkworld Mix+ claims to be the most affordable frameless smartphone

The Chinese company Elephone has announced a new smartphone Vkworld Mix+, which not only in name but also in terms of design resembles last year’s frameless smartphone Xiaomi Mi Mix.

Vkworld does not specify details about the characteristics of the device, declaring that he should be the most affordable edge-to-edge smartphone on the market, or at least one of the most affordable.

At the moment it is known that the effective area of the display will be 85%, the smartphone will get a metal housing, covered on both sides with a protective glass. The fingerprint sensor is located at the rear, the main camera has a dual led flash. Judging by the picture, the smartphone will receive a connectors Micro USB and 3.5 mm.

On sale Vkworld Mix+ will come in June or July of this year.



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