Vivo copied Apple’s approach, releasing a smartphone X7 Obsidian Black Edition

Long before the official announcement, thanks to numerous leaks, we knew that significant changes in the appearance of Apple iPhone 7 is not going to happen, that was frustrating. But Apple decided to go quite simple way, showing two new colors. And most of the announcement was held under the auspices of the colors of Jet Black, which really transforms the device.

However, it later became known that such a system is easily scratched and quickly covered with fingerprints, but it hardly stopped wanting.

Without hesitation, the company Vivo has decided to copy Apple’s approach and introduced a smartphone X7 Obsidian Black Edition. It is easy to guess that the experts Vivo can mimic the color of the new iPhone. Probably it uses a different production technology, but the essence of the approach is it does not change. Will scratch the new Vivo is still unknown. On sale this version will be on September 26.

From the point of view of the technical characteristics differ from the original. That is, using the very same screen Full HD diagonal of 5.2 inches, Snapdragon SoC 652 and 4 GB of RAM.



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