Visteon showed a prototype of a flexible OLED display for vehicles

The exhibition of automotive electronics Visteon at CES 2017 included prototypes of flexible OLED displays. Such displays are supposed to be used as a dashboard and as part of infotainment systems.

The advantages of flexible panels OLED over LCD displays is big the freedom provided by the designers and designers, as OLED panels have a very small thickness and can give a form that is better combined with other interior. From the user’s perspective, we can note wide viewing angles and the fact that the image on the OLED panel remains visible even in bright light.

However, the introduction of OLED in automotive electronics is also associated with certain problems. Operating conditions in the vehicle interior, in particular, changes in temperature lead to accelerated wear of organic materials, primarily responsible for displaying blue color. In addition, there are difficulties with the integration of touch screens, which also must be flexible.

Source: Cnet



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