Virtual assistant Microsoft Cortana is now also available for third-party developers

Not so long ago Amazon made Alexa voice assistant available to third-party developers. Just over six months on the market there are many different devices that use the Alexa, which made the AI the most common of their own kind, if we talk about the different segments.

Google immediately after the announcement the assistant also said that it will be available for developers. Now it’s time for Cortana. Microsoft believes that everyone deserves a personal assistant. Of course, the company has in mind a virtual assistant and, of course, is her — Cortana.

In this regard, Microsoft released to developers the Skills Kit sets Cortana and Cortana Devices SDK. The first Toolkit will allow developers to integrate the assistant in various software and services, and the second will contribute to creation of new smart devices with support for Cortana.

One of the first Microsoft partners in the new initiative is a Harman Kardon owned by Samsung. It is known that next year the manufacturer will release a new device with support for Cortana.



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