Virtual assistant in the Samsung Galaxy S8 may appear in female and male variants

In may of this year unknown to the masses is a young company, Viv Labs showed a virtual assistant is a new generation called Viv. From all of its competitors, it differs in that it is able under certain conditions to perform many of the tasks himself. Himself to order a pizza, specifying size, concert tickets, learning about desired locations, and so on.

In the autumn it became known that Viv Labs was acquired by Samsung, and later the Korean giant said the Galaxy S8 will debut the assistant Bixby, based on the development of Viv Labs.

According to sources, Bixby may appear feminine alter ego under the name of Kestra. This is indicated by patent documents. Samsung has patented these brands and in the description you can see that they both belong to artificial intelligence systems. However, this is not to say that in the end the assistant will actually appear under two names. On the other hand, no one was concerned with creating a male and female version with voice assistants, so it would be interesting.

It is also reported that the voice assistant in Galaxy S8 will be able to work with the payment service, Samsung Pay, but the details of this aspect of the work of AI yet.



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