Virginia became the first state in the US where allowed to use unmanned wheeled robots to deliver goods

About the projects delivery drones we wrote more than once. But the introduction of such services requires the revision of laws in many countries. For example, in USA the final set of rules for commercial drone use is still not ready.

Alternative — shipping with wheeled robots. For example, it offers such a service company Starship Technologies.

Reportedly, Virginia became the first state in the U.S. where allowed to use such devices for delivery of goods. It is implied that the robots will move around the sidewalks and crosswalks. The relevant law is signed and will come into force on 1 July.

Under the rules the robots must not travel faster than 16 km/h and weigh over 22.5 kg. the Law does not require that the robot was in the line of sight of the operator, so that companies can use drones.

By the way, the company Starship Technologies is just one of those who contributed to the adoption of the new law.


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