Virgin Galactic has resumed test flight — suborbital spacecraft VSS Unity first took to the sky

The company Virgin Galactic, which is developing the idea of suborbital tourist space flight, carried out a successful test of the spacecraft VSS Unity.

In contrast to the apparatus output to the space rockets, VSS Unity uses as a carrier plane. This time, the unit first took to the skies during the entire flight lasting three hours and forty three minutes were attached to the plane-carrier WhiteKnightTwo (VMS Eve). Hitch rose to a height of about 15 km. the Crew of the carrier in the test flight was three people, Shuttle or two.

Developers use the data obtained in the course of the flight, to finalize the device. Now begins the detailed examination of his condition. According to the results of the inspection will be made the decision to move to the next stage of testing. Perhaps it will be preceded by additional flights without undocking VSS Unity.

The company emphasizes the increased attention to security as test flights resumed after a two-year break caused by the crash of the VSS Enterprise in 2014.

Source: Virgin Galactic


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