Viltrox plans to release adapters that can install the lenses for Nikon and Canon cameras on camera mounts Sony E and Micro Four Third

According to the source, the company plans to release Viltrox adapters, NF-E1, EF-M1 EF-M2.

Adapter NF-E1 allows you to set the lens mount Nikon F camera mount Sony E.

Adapter NF-E1 enables you to use Canon EF lenses together with cameras system is Micro Four Third.

Adapter NF-E2 is also intended for system cameras Micro Four Third. It makes them compatible with lenses Canon EF-S. About this model it is known that its optical design includes four elements in four groups. The adapter increases the lens aperture by one step, while reducing the focal length (multiplier of 0.71 x).

Adapters equipped with USB interface, used for firmware updates.

Data on pricing and release date yet.

Source: Sharpest Light Limited

, Micro Four Third


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