Video of the day: the most massive in the world, but it is meaningless, drop test of smartphones

As you know, the smartphone Moto Force Z2 is equipped with a screen ShatterShield, which is due to the use of plastic instead of glass is significantly better tolerated strikes, but really very easily scratched.

Lenovo has decided to once again demonstrate the advantage of removing the scale, the assurances of the company, the drop-test. In this test, more than 100 people dropped smartphones Moto Z2 Force. The whole process can be viewed in the video below.

Unfortunately, despite the claims of the largest such test in the world, this is the case when the advertising campaign was absolutely meaningless. Yes, we are going to learn how more than a hundred smartphones alternately fall to the ground, but the problem is that from the video it is unclear whether all devices survived the drop.



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