Video of the day: the monster prototype smartphone Red Hydrogen, which is similar to the flagship Moto

Last month a well-known company Red has announced its first mobile Hydrogen. On the camera almost didn’t say anything, but already then it was possible to pre-order after 1200 or 1600 dollars.

Today we have the opportunity to see the prototype of this unusual device.

Due to website updates while the video is not displayed correctly. To start it, right click on the image and select «Show controls».

As you can see, the device is very large. That looks like it belongs to a class of protected smartphones. It gets more interesting. Hydrogen is very similar to the flagship Moto Z. And it’s not about design in General, and camera module and the pad in the bottom. Yes, the module is deployed and contacts more, but overall the similarity is very high. It can be assumed that the development of the first-born of Red helped engineers Motorola.

Fingerprint scanner integrated into the power button on the side, like the Sony models. The author of the video had the opportunity to evaluate the same holographic display. He noted that the screen is impressive, but not yet finalized.

Also in the video you can see another prototype, apparently, with the connected module, if you can call it that. He turns a smartphone into a more cumbersome apparatus, but provides (in theory) a quality camera.

Details on the settings of the smartphone are still there, but at least he exists in the form of prototypes.


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