Video of the day: smartphone HTC Ocean with the technology of touch sensitive faces

It seems that HTC decided through video to tease fans and people interested in the smartphone market. We have seen a strange device HTC Vive, whose existence remains in question.

Now, in a new video captured, as reported, smartphone, hiding behind the code name Ocean. He could be a model HTC 11.

The most interesting feature of the device is control by means of the edges of the smartphone. Yeah, that’s what we’ve seen from ZTE and Xiaomi, but the execution somehow did not stick. HTC, despite their financial position, and modest sales from a position of strength of the brand for many looks interesting. Moreover, if we are really about a new flagship, its review will appear on all thematic resources and technology will speak.

Apparently, the smartphone is not a curved display, but only the frosted glass effect 2.5 D. Body seems made of metal. You can also assume that the unit is quite compact by modern standards.

More noteworthy is a small ring under the display. This is probably a touch button. Thus, the end panel of the new smartphone HTC will not be like any one of his predecessors.



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