Video of the day: prototypes of the first smartphone Apple iPhone working with different operating systems

10 years ago Steve jobs (Steve Jobs) introduced the first iPhone, which changed not only the mobile market but also part of the world as a whole. Of course, if Apple did not let her first-born son, such a device would be someone else, but copertina was the first.

Against this background, quite interesting to look at the first iPhone prototypes. Remarkable video that shows the early stage of iOS development. More specifically, variants of the operating system for the iPhone.

During the creation of the smartphone was created two separate teams to develop the OS. One was led by Tony Fadel (Tony Fadell) and the other Scott Forstall (Scott Forstall). In the video, the results first team is on left and second, respectively, on the right.

As you can see, this is a very early prototype of the OS, devoid of most usual functions. Acorn OS, namely the so-called version on the left, generally copied the control scheme of the iPod. Quite interesting to see what would happen with the first iPhone, if it came with a similar management interface.


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