Video of the day: Moto X smartphone with SoC Snapdragon 2017 660, battery capacity of 3800 mA·h and the glass from the back side

Recently, we have twice published images and photos, which allegedly captured smartphone Moto X new generation. And the image, and the photo was captured the same apparatus.

Considering also similar to the Moto G5 and G5 Plus design, it seems that leak really show the real Moto X 2017. However, a new video suggests that these leaks did not have anything to do with reality.

This video apparently was made during a closed presentation. It is possible to see a different smartphone, and from the description it is clear that he is made of glass and metal. The smartphone demonstrates a curved glass covering the back side of the device. You can see and dual camera.

In the description you can find also an indication that the smartphone will receive protection from water and dust (IP68) that no single modern model of the Moto. There is an indication of the integration of artificial intelligence (Google Assistant?), constantly active microphones that are the norm for Motorola devices/Moto and «friendly» price. Presumably, the device will get a display diagonal 5.5 inch, Snapdragon SoC 660, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB flash memory and battery capacity of 3800 mA·h. the Absence of contact pads on the back says that modules Mods Moto smartphone will not support.



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