Video of the day: merging augmented and virtual reality

As is known, augmented and virtual reality quite significantly different from each other as the device for immersion in these realities. But what if you combine these two technologies?

The first experiments can be seen in the video below.

To implement the idea was used the headset, Microsoft HoloLens and the HTC Vive. Thanks to the capabilities of these devices and, of course, special FOR the man in the headset Microsoft can real-time monitoring of virtual objects from the world, which is the owner of Vive.

By the way, the system allows you to connect to an unlimited number of observers. At the moment to come up with real usage scenarios of these bundles is problematic. But it fully applies to headsets and augmented reality. The example Microsoft shows that while such technology is divorced from the market and most simply don’t need.

But if you look in the near future, one can imagine, for example, the architect designing the layout of the building in virtual reality. While light and virtually indistinguishable from a conventional augmented reality glasses will wish to observe in detail the work of the architect.


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