Video of the day: cooler AMD Ryzen Wraith Max «breathe»

AMD will provide the AMD Ryzen new regular coolers. Model Wraith will be designed for Max TDP up to 140 W, Wraith Spire — at a TDP of 95 W, Wraith Stealth — at a TDP of 65 watts.

Fan diameter in all cases is equal to 92 mm, and one of the hallmarks of Max Wraith and Wraith Spire is the availability of full-color led backlights, which can be synchronized with the illumination of the other components. Besides the selection of colors available effects, including the breath is the rhythmic increase and decrease the brightness. In the network appeared the video showing an example of the cooler AMD Ryzen Wraith Max.

We will add, that if desired, the buyer will be able to buy a CPU without a cooler.



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