Video of the day: AMD Zen bypasses Broadwell-E in the test Blender

AMD has spent in San Francisco, the event demonstrated the work of a new generation of Zen and revealed some details about the expected innovations.

Let’s start with the fact that the timing of the emergence of desktop CPU Summit Ridge and remain a mystery. Latest data point still at the beginning of next year, although there remains the likelihood of processors before the end of this.

Here is a short video from the event, which is unnamed OCTA-core (16 threads) processor AMD Zen was compared with the OCTA core CPU Broadwell-E. In both cases, the frequency was 3 GHz.

As you can see in the test Blender solution to AMD was a little faster, although the exact numbers the company does not. Given that the production models will operate at higher frequencies, and the price obviously needs to be lower than Intel, the first tests are encouraging. But still worth to wait for full reviews to put the correct presentation on the new products.

As for the information, it is not much and it is interesting not for everyone. AMD promises a 40% performance increase per clock compared to the predecessors. AMD allocates a new block of predictions of branchings, the introduction of the cache micro-operation and a new hierarchy cache memory of the third level (8 MB).



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