Video card XFX Radeon RX 560 4GB Slim Single Slot Desing takes up only one expansion slot

Joined submitting Radeon RX 560 and GIGABYTE. Apparently, in the coming days, these cards should go on sale.

Like other manufacturers XFX were limited to two models, but they are quite different. At identical settings of the cards using different cooling system.

Moreover, the model 560 Radeon RX 4GB Slim Single Slot Desing, as you can guess from the title, takes up just one expansion slot. The second card is called Radeon RX 4GB 560 Single Fan and is equipped with a conventional cooling system with a single fan.

Frequency cards are the same: 1295 MHz for the GPU (Boost mode) and 7000 MHz for the memory. Set of ports includes DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort. Interestingly, in the parameter list of both new products indicated the presence of six-pin power connector. But the model 560 Radeon RX 4GB Single Fan it is definitely not, which is clearly seen on the images. But regarding odnoskatnoj versions of this aspect remains unclear, since on the relevant page of the website XFX normal pictures of this adapter. Most likely, this model dispenses with the additional power.

Radeon RX 560


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