Video card PowerColor Radeon Red Devil RX 570 significantly larger models RX 580 of the same manufacturer

In addition to the four versions of older AMD Radeon RX line 500, the range PowerColor joined two cards of the Radeon RX 570.

Junior is the model Red Dragon 570 Radeon RX 4GB GDDR5. This adapter GPU frequency is 1250 MHz in the Boost mode, and the memory works at a frequency of 7000 MHz. Details about the cooling system there, but its exterior is not impressive.

The accelerator requires the connection of one eight-pin power connector. On the rear panel is located ports DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort (x3).

But the map of Red Devil Radeon RX 4GB GDDR5 570 is very curious. The fact that she’s got a huge cooling system with three fans, which were used at last year’s adapters Red Devil. Why is the same not have RX 580, is unclear.

Accordingly, a 3D map is very large: 310 mm in length. Work also requires one eight-pin connector. It is known that the power subsystem has seven phases, and the design of the cooler consists of four heatpipes and three 80-mm fans. Ports set the same lowest card, but the GPU frequency is increased to 1320 MHz in the Boost mode, and it is very impressive for RX 570 acceleration.

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Radeon RX 570


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