Video card Gainward GeForce GTX 1060 IceSoul equipped with a waterblock and stands out huge in length

The company’s product range has expanded Gainward GeForce GTX 1060 IceSoul. On the official website of its manufacturer yet, but thematic resources got the information on the product.

As you can see in the photos, the map highlighted the presence of a waterblock that is designed for use with a liquid cooling system. Apparently, this is the first map 1060 GTX with the waterblock on the market.

The device is clearly aimed at fans of overclocking. And it is not determined by the waterblock. For example, there are two connectors for additional power (8+6), while the reference sample is only one six-pin. Secondly, there is OCTA-core power system and large printed circuit Board that allows you to place elements at a greater distance from each other. The length of the adapter is a large 316 mm! To realize how huge the printed circuit Board of the accelerator, enough to place it in his photo and photo of the reference Board GTX 1080 length 270 mm.

As for frequencies, the GPU works at a frequency of 1621/1847 MHz, and 6 GB of memory at the frequency of 8000 MHz. That is, this card is still «knows» about raising the memory frequency, initiated by Nvidia.

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