Video card family Radeon RX 500 will be released on April 4, but adapters generation Vega will not be among them

As you know, video cards with GPU Vega should be on the market in the second quarter. If you believe the new data, the launch of new products scheduled for the period between 30 may and 3 June. Simply put, it’s going to happen during the Computex 2017.

But the video card family Radeon RX 500 will appear on the market before. It will happen on 4 April. It is easy to guess that in this case we are talking about a renamed or slightly improved the representatives of the current generation of Polaris. Unfortunately, AMD is not enough either means, whether or not to resort to the use of old solutions to new rulers.

Sources say that first the market will be models of the Radeon RX RX 580 and 570. Both cards are updated versions of the adapters RX RX 480 and 470, respectively. We promise a 10% performance increase, which is likely to be secured frequencies.

11 April should be a 3D-card Radeon RX RX 560 and 550. They will be based on the GPU Polaris 11, which is based on the RX 460. We can assume that RX 550 will be renamed map of the past generation in its original version, RX 560 will be based on full GPU Polaris 11 like some new version of an existing adapter.

As for Vega, we are waiting for two GPUs: Vega Vega 10 and 11. According to new data, they both will be the basis for maps in the upper price range, although it is difficult to understand how it will be placed in the new range of AMD cards. If the leak is correct, and the flagship card with GPU Vega 10 will rival the GeForce GTX 1080, the space for a GPU accelerator from Vega 11 somehow remains, as do rival the GTX 1070, you can use the same Vega 10.

On the other hand, if card Radeon RX RX 580 and 570 will be cheaper than RX RX 480 and 470 at the start of sales, there is a place at least for the price.



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