Vice President of Samsung Electronic and de facto head of Samsung Group, Lee Jay is accused of bribery

As informs resource Reuters, the Vice-President of Samsung Electronic Lee Jay (Lee Jae-yong) was summoned for questioning to the Prosecutor’s office of South Korea. Jay Lee, is a son of the head of Samsung Group and, in fact, now managing Director of the group, suspected of involvement in a scandalous case involving South Korean President Park Geun-Hye (Park Geun-hye).

Without going into the political details and aspects of the participation of the President, for impeachment which, on 9 December voted by Parliament, we note that Jay Lee is suspected of direct involvement to the process attachments $ 25 million in the company and funds associated with a friend of the President Choi sun-SIL (Choi Soon-sil).

And this was done in order to sung-SIL, using his connections and President, helped to circumvent certain bans and to facilitate the merger of Samsung C&T Cheil Industries. At the moment, If Jay denies the allegations, which is not surprising.

If its fault is proved, it can significantly affect Samsung Group.



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