Vest heated Foomext used carbon nanotubes

The clothes is used for heating electrical heating elements, known for a long time, but only current level of technology has allowed to eliminate the drawbacks inherent in previous implementations. Evidence of this is the heated vest Foomext, which uses carbon nanotubes.

According to its creators, the use of the heater of the advanced materials based on carbon nanotubes is allowed to make the vest slim, flexible and lightweight. The vest can be washed. It heats up quickly and does not emit heat to the outside. As an energy source used mobile battery. Provides a four-step temperature adjustment. As stated, without charging proposed in the option of battery capacity 5000 mA∙h is enough for 3-4 hours at a maximum temperature or for 7-8 hours at a minimum. Charging takes 3 hours. Possible heating control via mobile applications, including on and off on schedule.

The developers plan to collect funds for the release of Foomext in the amount of not less than $10,000 through the site of collective financing KickStarter. Fee, making him eligible to vest, will be $99. Fundraising has not yet begun, but we know that it needs to be completed March 1, and the shipment of finished products, the authors of the project hope to start in may.

Source: Itiwant


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