VESA is going to develop standards for devices of virtual and augmented reality

Organization of Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) announced the formation of the group AR/VR SIG, which will develop standards for devices of virtual and augmented reality.

According to VESA, standardization is needed to avoid fragmentation of the rapidly growing market. At the same time, the organization has successful experience in developing standards, including DisplayPort, Embedded DisplayPort (eDP) and Extended Display Identification Data (EDID).

To the problems of AR/VR SIG related forming a hierarchical structure of services, AR/VR, including levels of physical connections, data transfer protocols, drivers and applications. Group members will also have to define the underlying data structures and channels of communication between sources and destination devices. Also planned is the study of the related technologies and algorithms with the goal of standardization for a more efficient implementation. It is expected that the group may propose changes to the existing VESA standards needed to better support AR/VR.

Source: VESA


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