Vertu changes the owner. For the third time in the last five years

In 2012, Nokia has sold most of the shares of Vertu company EQT VI. Approximately one and a half years ago Vertu was sold to a Chinese holding Godin Holdings for 175 million pounds. Over the years, the manufacturer of premium phones has released many new models that have kept all their main features.

But the new owner of Vertu is not long delayed. According to sources, the smartphone manufacturer was acquired by Baferton. She belongs to Usana Hakan (Hakan Uzan), represents one of the most influential families in Turkey.

Interestingly that at the time, the Uzan sued Nokia. He was accused of massive fraud and even sentenced to 15 months in prison, but upon appeal the conviction was overturned.

The transaction value was not reported. Also there is no information about policy changes Vertu.



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