Verizon sells 29 Equinix data centers

2016 turned out to be extremely rich from the point of view of major transactions in the IT market. Actually, this is a record in this matter. And in anticipation of its completion, it became known that the company Equinix, the world’s largest operator of data centers, has acquired 29 data centers from the American operator Verizon.

The amount of the transaction amounted to 3.6 billion dollars. It is expected to close in the middle of next year. For Equinix this is the main business, but the sale of the data center by Verizon will give her the opportunity to concentrate on the core business. Also under the deal, around 250 employees and nearly 1,000 customers of Verizon will move at the disposal of Equinix.

By the way, after completing the transaction, Equinix will have a total of 175 data centers in 43 countries, but even now this company owns the largest number of data centers.



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