Verizon may acquire cable provider Comcast, which is estimated at $ 173 billion

Last year surprised by the number of large deals in the IT market. In the current year may be traded, the cost of which will exceed any previous year.

It is possible to absorb the huge telecommunications conglomerate cable provider Comcast American operator Verizon. Even the approximate value of the deal has not been announced yet, but suffice it to say that Comcast is estimated currently at $ 173 billion. The market capitalization of Verizon at the same time is 211 billion dollars. Apparently, the transaction may be the largest in history.

While no official statements from Verizon or Comcast were reported. It is likely that American operators will prefer the second-largest player of this market in the United States. Talking about the company Charter, which is valued at more modest 81,6 billion.

We will remind, at the end of last year it was announced that the deal between AT&T and Time Warner, the full amount which is over 108.7 billion, which made it the largest merger in the last year. Against this background, Verizon is a must for your asset in the same direction. The fact that the major mobile operators are in a constant process of change, adapting to the market. And the introduction of 5G networks could transform them into a much more versatile company, if they possess appropriate assets. One option is replacement of the cable providers. But since out of the market, established there for many years, the giants simply impossible, it is easier to buy them.



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