Verizon has confirmed that the transaction value of Yahoo decreased by $ 350 million

One of the biggest deals last year was the purchase by Verizon of Yahoo for 4.83 billion dollars. More precisely, this amount was initially announced. But a week ago we learned that it may be slightly less due to problems with hacking Yahoo account.

Now the official press release confirms the amendments to the transaction between the companies. In accordance with the amended terms, Verizon and Yahoo agreed to reduce the cost of the transaction at $ 350 million. In addition, the company will share certain legal and regulatory obligations arising from problems with break-ins.

More specifically, Yahoo will be responsible for 50% of any monetary obligations arising after the closing of the transaction that will be associated with the investigation of break-ins. Thus, the new transaction amount of 4.48 billion. It is planned to close in the second quarter.



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