Verizon buys Yahoo, paying for 250-350 million less than was agreed

Verizon Communications and Yahoo are close to completion of the transaction, of which an agreement was reached last summer. However, Verizon will pay for Yahoo 4.83 billion dollars, as agreed, and 250-350 million less. These data come from anonymous sources familiar with the situation.

The basis for attempts to persuade Yahoo to Verizon of the need to reduce the price of steel posts about hacking accounts. Recall that in September last year, Yahoo has confirmed the break-in not less than 500 million accounts, and in December — more than one billion accounts.

In the opinion of the buyer, these incidents not only caused damage to Yahoo, but also create the risk that after the purchase, Verizon will have to share with Yahoo liability if they filed the lawsuits.

Expect to Verizon after purchase to combine Yahoo with AOL, which was purchased by Verizon in 2015, $ 4.4 billion, received an impressive advertising platform — an alternative source of income outside of the oversaturated mobile market.

Source: Reuters



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