Velvet manicure: a master class, popular photography-ideas and tips

Modern fashionistas are difficult to surprise with something unusual and extravagant. It would seem that all the techniques of manicure and repeatedly tried to work in the nail industry hard. However, with this challenge, the British company Ciate, which is considered the Creator of the popular and sought after by many girls and caviar manicure.

In addition to this know-how beauty specialists of the company presented a set of suede manicure. It includes a decorative lacquer of various shades, a brush and a small container with a small cloth or a different flock. Thanks to this novelty, many ladies were able to create on their marigolds bold velvet manicure.

Kit for velvet manicure is easy to find in almost any nail shop. You can choose the length and the origin of the fibers. Most often used components made of wool, viscose and cotton. Marigolds, decorated with velvet manicure looks very gentle and soft home. Many compare this design with the coat of a Teddy bear.

A kind of velvet coating is considered decorative sand and powder. On the nails they look tougher and more pronounced, creating challenging suede effect.

Set for velvet design

For the first time confronted with the flock, many women receive a lot of questions to work with him. Which material is better, how to apply, how long will the manicure? Before answering these questions, we invite you to learn what supplies are necessary of obtaining a velvet effect in the home.

  • Flock – at the initial stages prefer small pile. It is easier to apply on the nails and looks much neater at large. To velour effect using the powder for scrapbooking that can be found in specialty hand-made store. It is even smaller flock and looks on nails not less attractively and neatly.

  • The decorative varnish is the base of your manicure, which will be attached villi. As for the tint, you can choose transparent base or choose similar to the flock color.
  • Brush – size and hairiness of this instrument are not fundamental. You can choose traditional flat brush or use a nail fan.

In beauty salons to create a plush design is used, florider. This portable device creates an electric field that affects the polarity of the particles. Under the influence of the structure of the villi fit snugly to the surface of the nail and hold on much longer «home» designs.

How to do a velvet manicure

As a rule, fashionistas there are no issues with building a sand manicure, which is considered a kind of velvet. All you need for this design is to cover the nails with regular or gel Polish and the not yet dried basis liberally sprinkle the decorative sand.

With flock a bit more complicated, it is necessary to achieve a snug fit of the villi to the nail plate without the formation of protruding and get beyond the nail elements. We offer you step-by-step instructions for creating a velvet manicure flocking, following which you will be able to make your own design at home.

Any manicure starts with preparation of nails. They give well-groomed appearance, correct form, and remove the cuticle. Remember that the velvet design looks great only on well-groomed and beautiful hands. Upon completion of hygienic procedures apply to the surface of the nail plate varnish.

Apply on nails colored lacquer. If the consistency is runny enough, you can repeat the procedure twice. The lacquer color is selected to match the flock. When using a transparent framework, you should be ready that need a little more fibers for continuous coating of the nail plate.


Pour a small amount of flock on paper or other comfortable surface. Cover one nail varnish or transparent base and put your finger on the villi. Make a rolling movement to the particles fell on the entire surface of the nail plate, do not forget about the tip of the nail, which should also be covered with flock. Excess swipe with a dry brush. Alternately, repeat the process on all remaining fingers.

Only 3 simple steps and your velvet manicure ready. Do not cover the finished result of the top layer of lacquer. Design instantly lose an attractive appearance, the surface will darken, become bumpy and ugly.

Velvet manicure 2018: topical ideas for each day

Marigolds, completely covered with villi is only one option to create a suede or velvet manicure. Ladies create masterpieces, is particularly relevant for the winter season. Unfortunately, this design keeps the nails are not very long – a maximum of 3 days.

Contrary to popular belief, velvet manicure, you can soak. Of course, when wet, the hairs will darken, but after drying, re-acquire its original state. Despite these difficulties, suede design is very popular among girls. Offer you photo-ideas velvet design which you will be able to repeat on their marigolds or used as the basis for your own unique nail art.

Manicure velvet sand 2018

The process of applying a decorative sand, it is not different from using a flock. Thanks to the fine texture of the sand is often used to create knitted patterns on nails in soft pink or blue shades.

Recently designers offer the girls a more practical option – lacquer, which after drying creates the effect of a sand coating. This new idea is much easier to create a velvet design.

Experienced nail specialist is recommended for greater effect, apply the varnish in two layers. Thus, a durable coating embossed with a beautiful velour effect, which lasts much longer nappy design.

Velvet manicure gel Polish

To little to extend the life of velvet manicure nail artists use gel Polish. This design can be done at home if you have a UV or LED lamp.

The process of obtaining velour (velvet) effect gel Polish:

  • apply colour gel Polish in two layers and dry it in the lamp
  • cover nails with two layers of top coat, dry them in LED or UV lamp
  • then sprinkle on marigold flock velvet powder and dry it in the lamp
  • excess lint(sand) clean dry brush

Velvet manicure looks great and elegant in almost any color and design options. But this design is not without flaws – he keeps it relatively short, wet and in a short time loses its form, it is impossible to cover with top coat.

Velvet (velour, cashmere, corduroy) manicure – an essential option for one evening. For example, the delicate and soft texture lint dark shades will fit perfectly into the evening, and bright and rich flock with rhinestones will be the perfect outfit for friendly parties. But if you have enough time and desire, you can delight yourself with a velvet design every day.

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