Varjo makes the headset VR/AR with a display resolution of 70 MP

Varjo Finnish company is working on a new type of headset, augmented and virtual realities, which goes under the code name 20/20. The developers promise a display resolution of 70 megapixels, while the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive will offer a resolution of just over 1 Megapixel per eye.

Advertising your prototype, the developers say the resolution, which sees the world of the human eye, and special patented technology to create an image of high resolution in the desired display area. The angle will be familiar from the above-mentioned sets of 100°.

On creating headsets are industry veterans who held senior positions at Microsoft, Nokia, Intel, Nvidia and Rovio. The device makes quite modest demands on the hardware stuffing of the PC on which it will be used. The thing is that the image of high resolution is generated only at the point towards which the gaze of the user that are monitored with the appropriate sensors. That is, everything outside of your focus point is probably rendered at a much lower resolution.

The developers claim that their headset will significantly improve the degree of user involvement in the process, because it is for low resolution mostly criticized Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Also made loud statements that the new technology will make a 10-year leap in the industry of virtual reality.

But while such things as latency, frame rate, price, and the availability of content in the resolution of 70 Megapixels, remains a big question.

Varjo promises to begin deliveries of the device for professionals in the fourth quarter of 2017.



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