Valve said that LCD displays are now suitable for creating virtual reality headsets

As is known, a virtual reality headset HTC Vive was created in collaboration with Valve. However, more detailed information on the distribution of roles, this couple did not disclose.

Something we can now understand thanks to the new press release. It says that Valve has announced the availability of new basic components required for the hardware manufacturers to integrate VR to provide best-in-class devices.

In addition to the existing free license to the technology of tracking modules, the company adds to the range an improved optical system, tools for the production and calibration, as well as necessary for interfacing of all components. Valve notes that for the first time making available to everyone such technology.

In particular, the document notes that the recent achievements in the industry of LCD displays in combination with special calibration techniques make such screens are viable when used in VR headsets, whereas previously the manufacturers had no alternative to OLED panels.

Valve also developed special lenses that work with LCD screens and displays for organic light emitting diode.



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