Valve make service SteamVR is available on macOS

Operating system: Linux and macOS was never a game and never will. But if the first is destiny of enthusiasts who know what is coming, a catastrophic shortage of games on macOS is a blatant lack of sufficiently popular platform.

With the development of virtual reality, the gap between macOS and Windows in this question may be even more. But at least Valve has promised to bring to the Apple service SteamVR.

More accurate to say «very soon» he will appear on macOS, and Linux. However, the emergence of the service does not mean that all projects presented will be available for the operating system of copertina.

Besides, do not forget that real gaming PC from Apple simply does not. Most suitable for games in its time was the Mac Pro has a pair of AMD. But, first, it has not been updated since the announcement in 2013, and secondly, it is designed for other tasks and costs money. Given the high requirements for the PC settings when working with headsets HTC or Oculus, a bit unclear why SteamVR on PC.



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