V20 LG smartphone will go on sale September 29. Deliveries to Europe are planned

At the beginning of the month, LG introduced a smartphone V20. This is the first of the new devices, which was announced as running Android 7.0. But this does not mean that he was the first to come to market.

According to new figures, sales V20 will be available on September 29. Apparently, the second flagship of LG will indeed be the first carrier of the new Android OS, if we talk about the new devices.

In South Korea, where the smartphone will start selling in the first place, it will cost $810. But the first buyers will receive a nice bonus. For example, the gift set includes a headset Tone Plus, portable AC PH1 and external battery Battery Pack, will cost just $15, although the full cost is $185.

In the USA the novelty will appear on sale almost a month later — on October 21 at the still unknown price. But for Europe, as it turned out, the V20 is not available. At least at the moment, according to the source, LG has no plans for the supply of the smartphone in Europe.



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