Users of the Google Pixel 2 reporting a problem with the earpiece

About a month ago, the network appeared the information from the owners of smartphones iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, who complained of a nasty clicking coming from the earpiece of the device during calls. The problem was fixed with firmware updates.

Now users of the new smartphone Google Pixel 2 tell you the problem, which is expressed in clicks and high frequency sounds coming from the earpiece. Sounds are heard when the smartphone is unlocked. If the screen is off or even on, but the device is locked, there is no sound.

Reboot, reset to factory settings, turn on airplane mode does not solve the problem. Clicks in some cases can be removed by disabling NFC, but high-frequency sounds still remain.

Google has promised to release an update that will resolve the issue next week.

Recall that users of the Google Pixel 2 XL faced with the «fading» of the display.



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