Users can install system apps in MIUI 9

As previously reported, the operating system MIUI 9 will have a simplified user interface, the device will consume less battery power and less heat.

MIUI 9 will not only capture screenshots but also to record in video all what happens on the display device. In addition, Xiaomi promises to improve the native camera app.

Many smartphones that are running Android, are supplied by manufacturers with special firmware, and a set of preinstalled applications. Sometimes these apps you can remove or hide, but often users have no such opportunity. And when enthusiasts remove all unnecessary apps, it can cause problems to the device.

Member of a team of developers MIUI 9 MA Temple (Ma Ji), speaking at the event Global Tech 2016, said that the new operating system will allow you to remove unwanted system applications without worrying about the performance of the device. That is, you will be able to store on the smartphone only those applications that you are enjoying yourself.

In addition, it was announced about the plans of Xiaomi to release MIUI native apps for other smartphones that are running Android.



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