USB flash drive Silicon Power Mobile C50 is equipped with three USB connectors

The range of the company Silicon Power has expanded the unusual flash drive. It’s called Mobile C50, and his unusual is the presence of three USB connectors: Type-A, Micro-B and Type-C. This equipment provides the ability to connect without the adapter to a wide range of computers and mobile devices.

USB Type-C connector is located under a hinged rubber cover that protects it from damage and contamination. The same role for the connector Micro-B connector plays a Type-A.

The USB Type-A and Type-C derived interface USB3.1 Gen 1, on connector: Micro-B USB2.0.

The drive is available with capacity of 32, 64 and 128 GB. Its size is equal to 41,2 x 20 x 14.4 mm weight — 5,2 g. the drive uses COB technology to provide protection from water, dust and vibration. The manufacturer provides Mobile C50 five-year warranty.
Silicon Power
Silicon Power


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