USA is no longer the largest market for inkjet printers

According to analysts IDC, the Asia-Pacific region (excluding Japan) for the first time ranked first in the world in sales of printing devices that use ink jet printing method. Previously the title of largest market of inkjet printers and MFPs belonged to the United States.

In the second quarter in the Asia-Pacific region, excluding Japan (IDC for this subset denoted APeJ), was sold of 7.84 million units to receive «hard copies» of documents. While sales of inkjet devices has increased over the year by 2.2%, the laser — 4.9%.

The world’s biggest consumer inkjet printers is China pertaining to the APeJ.

Interesting trends in the region, analysts attribute the massive use of systems of continuous submission of ink instead of cartridges. The reporting period was the first time the proportion of CISS exceeded 50%. The IDC attribute this situation to economic reasons — the unit cost of printing with CISS is much lower than in the case of using the cartridges.

It should also be noted that 81% of the market belongs to just five companies and analysts do not see a reason to change this situation. On the contrary, they expect the dominant position of large players will be strengthened.



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