UPS is exploring the possibility of an emergency delivery of medicines using drones

The American company United Parcel Service, specializing in Express delivery, has begun testing unmanned aerial vehicles as tools for emergency delivery of medicines. The purpose of the tests is to demonstrate the safety of delivery using drones.

Under the terms of the test drone is necessary to deliver the cargo to a children’s camp on one of the Islands in Massachusetts Bay. Data collected during the tests will be used to convince regulators to ease the restrictions on flying drones.

As required by the FAA, published in late August, the drone can weigh less than 25 kg, it may not fly over people, don’t relate to it, and should always be in sight of the operator.

The rapidly developing technology of drones has sparked interest from commercial users and special services. For example, as we reported, Amazon considers drones as means of delivery orders and the fire Department of new York estimated using drones to assess the situation in the area of the fire.

Source: Reuters


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