Upgrade for as Devialet Phantom made it even louder

Almost three years ago, French company Devialet, which produces acoustic systems and amplifiers premium, has introduced a compact loudspeaker Devialet Phantom power 750 W, stating that it can compete in quality and power with a full-size outdoor acoustics.

This week developers announced a firmware update Devialet Phantom, called the Phantom Elevate. After installing the update, the peak power of the acoustic system is increased to 1200 watts. Level zvukovogo pressure increases from 99 to 101 dB.

As Devialet Phantom is able to reproduce frequency range from 16 Hz to 25 kHz. The device is equipped with a Texas Instruments PCM1798 DAC (24bit/192kHz) and hybrid amplifier ADH.

Devialet Phantom is priced at $ 1690.


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