Updated the Nokia 3310 should get a similar design and enhanced color display

The Network continues to receive information about the Nokia 3310, the new version should be available in Barcelona on 26 February before the start of the exhibition MWC 2017.

The source, who asked to remain anonymous, has published a new batch of details about the device, which is preparing to release the company HMD Global. First of all, do not think about what we are talking about a smartphone with Android. Nokia 3310 will remain mobile phone.

In terms of design, the new device will not be much different from the original model, released in 2000. The first difference will be the weight and the thickness of the body, they will be less.

The second difference will be the display that was monochrome with a resolution of 84 x 84 pixels in the original model. The new model will get enhanced color display, but the resolution is not very high, to maintain a high operating time without recharging.

Users will be offered different color options, including red, green and yellow.



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