Updated firmware for cameras Nikon D7200, D500, D750 and D810

Nikon has released new firmware version for several SLR cameras.

In the case of the Nikon D7200 camera firmware version 1.02 adds support for the wireless controller WT-7 and fixes several bugs. In particular, a: if enabled, the automatic correction of geometrical distortion, distortion may occur around the edges of the image, if you choose to save in formats NEF (RAW) and JPEG high quality and medium size. In addition, fixed bug with wrong metering when shooting in live view using the lens with an electromagnetic aperture control (the lens with the symbols E and PC-E in the marking).

In firmware 1.12 for Nikon camera D500 fixed the bug causing unstable connection between the camera and iOS devices 10.2 when using the application SnapBridge.

Firmware version 1.11 for Nikon camera D750 adds support for wireless controller WT-7 and fixes several bugs. In particular, fixed display of RGB-histograms of some images and an automatic distortion correction described above for the Nikon D7200.

Finally, the new firmware (1.12) for Nikon camera D810 also added support for the wireless controller WT-7 and fixed some bugs. So, fixed incorrect recording of images shot in multi exposure mode, the error display RGB histograms of some images and the above-described automatic distortion correction. In addition, fixed a bug that manifested as a record with an incorrect exposure images, taken immediately after changing lenses. Also fixed display of the icon of the protection of the image and eliminated the hang of the camera with the automatic distortion correction if you have selected a combination of settings saved. Another correction relates to inaccurate operation of the electronic shutter.

In addition to the firmware for cameras, Nikon has released a firmware update for the controller WT-7. In version 1.1 added support for cameras D810, D810A, D750 and D7200. The HTTP server is now available in the Turkish language. Fixed bug with connecting in the PASV modes to certain ftp servers.

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