Updated Apple TV Nvidia Shield integrated within the system of smart home

Nvidia has introduced an updated modification of the TV-tuner Shield, now aimed not only for games and video playback, but also seeking to become elements of the smart home. This will contribute both to the integration with Google services Assistant and SmartThings, and a new accessory Nvidia Spot.

It consists of a wireless microphone that can transmit voice commands to the console Shield from every corner of the house, whether it is a request to turn on the air to show pictures of a recent trip or extinguish the light. Nvidia Spot will be offered during this year at a price of $50.

As for Nvidia Shield, console has got the support of live streaming services Amazon Video (in 4K resolution with HDR) and Google Play Movies in addition to Netflix, YouTube and Vudu. Services GameStream and GeForce Now will allow you to broadcast the image of the game running on your home PC or on the servers of the company. Supported video format HEVC with a resolution of 4K and frame rate up to 60 Hz, has an output HDMI 2.0 b. The prefix is based on the same SoC the Tegra X1, a RAM 3 GB and flash memory capacity of 16 GB. Updated Nvidia Shield will go on sale in mid-January at a price of $200.



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